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Hey, Welcome to my recipe site!  My name is Jeff.  Ever since I was a kid (human not goat), I was fascinated by cooking.  I tried it a few times but was not too happy with the results.  As I've gotten older, things have turned out differently.  I've decided to share my experiences (and recipes) here.  I normally take common recipes and "jazz them up".  My most famous is the Vegetable Soup from Weight Watchers.  I read it, added 0 points (a ton of cooking time) and non-caloric flavor enhancers.

If that didn't make sense, don't worry nothing else will either.  I'm going to put categories to the left and recipes to the right.   Stand up sit down, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


The Flava Doctor with Another Austrian, Wolfgang Puck

meandwolf.jpg (147444 bytes)

Yes, this is a real picture taken at Wolfgang Puck's signature restaurant, Spago